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The site of Jasha Joachimsthal, a web developer. Most articles are about technology I (used to) work with.

Articles written in September 2008

  1. An Apple patch a day

    Published on

    I wonder who does the Mac OS X patch planning. Since last week the Apple Software-update gave me patches on 4 different days. Can’t they collect their patches and release them on one day? It’s not like Apple is in a hurry (DNS bug fix).

  2. More than 230.000 documents in Hippo Repository

    Published on

    Two months ago I blogged about Importing lots of data into Hippo Repository. The import was not just an experiment, it was for a real website. The website is now up and running!

  3. Meme (me)

    Published on

    Via Jeremy:

  4. Steve, did you approve the iTunes Genius UI?

    Published on

    Since the latest iTunes update I have the new Genius functionality. Apple finally suggests music based on what I listen to and not only what’s in my iTunes Store basket. Last.FM already did this but why use 2 apps when one can do the job? I wonder...