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My top 5 pictures at Flickr

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I find it fascinating what people are searching for and how they came on my blog or pictures. These are the top 5 most viewed pictures from my Flickr photo stream:

A lot of people are looking for Bar zur Lederhosen in Kaprun (Austria). Gerda took this picture with her camera because I forgot to bring mine with me. There were two more pictures from this bar in my top 10. Apparently it’s a very popular bar.
Bar zur Lederhosen (Kaprun)
Don’t you love kissing hippos? I guess people are looking for this picture for wedding invitations.
Kissing Hippos
Are people looking for a picture of me or Praia da Rocha (Portugal)?
Me (Praia da Rocha)
Nearly as interesting as the kissing hippo’s: a shitting hippo. A hippopotamus spreads its shit with its tail so don’t stand nearby.
Shitting Hippo
Some Chinese blog is using my picture of an IKEA case. Too bad IKEA has removed this brand from their collection.
Magiker case