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Fon Wifi at home

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I had no Wifi in my house. No problem if you only use one desktop pc. From time to time I bring my work laptop to home. My Wii has built in Wifi, Ethernet is optional. So it was time to buy a Wifi router. Johan was frequently talking about Fon and their Fonera. The Fonera has both a private Wifi network for your own devices and a public network other Fon users can connect to when they travel through the world.

Fonera router
Fonera router

The disadvantage of the classic Fonera was that I’d have to give up my Ethernet connection or buy a separate switch. I did not buy one until they came with the Fonera+ that did have an extra Ethernet port for your LAN. I ordered it last week and 6 days later UPS came with the Fonera+. The setup was very easy and now my house has 2 Wifi connections. My Wii and Hippo laptop are connected to my private network and other Fon users can use (a part of) my internet connection through the public Wifi network. I haven’t set a limit yet so in theory they can use up my whole 8 Mbps download.