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I am Jasha Joachimsthal, a user experience developer from Utrecht (The Netherlands). I have made my first website as a hobby in 1995 when I was still in high school. That hobby has turned into a day job. Maintaining my own website is still a hobby and I use this site to try things out.

Blog archive

Most of my blog posts are about technology that I (used to) work with. They may be related to my day job, but all opinions are my own.

  • Migration from Jekyll to Eleventy

    Published on

    Jekyll and Eleventy are static site generators. Until recently, this site was generated via Jekyll. Jekyll did the job, but for some reason I’m always struggling with Ruby, the language it’s built on. During the build it cannot find the right Ruby...

  • Assumptions based on past experiences

    Published on

    This morning I was cycling to work and suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the back of my bike. My initial thought was that my bag had fallen off so I stopped. The bag was still tied to the luggage carrier. I had made an assumption based on...

  • The time element in Safari and VoiceOver

    Published on

    HTML5 has a semantic element for time. It can represent a specific period in time: a date, time or duration. It has an optional datetime attribute for the machine readable version of the text contents. I was curious how Apple’s screenreader VoiceOver...

  • SAML Authentication with AngularJS and Spring Security

    Published on

    At Onegini we’re developing a web application with AngularJS in the front end and Spring Boot with Spring Security in the back-end. During the initial development, we were using basic authentication (username & password) for the log-in, but this...

  • iSwitched

    Published on

    After 5 years of using different Android phones I switched to an iPhone. In 2009 I bought an HTC Hero, which was replaced by the HTC Desire a year later. Then my former employer gave me a Samsung Galaxy S2 which was replaced by the S3 after I...

  • Retrieve Facebook profile data in Java: Apache Oltu

    Published on

    In previous blogposts I explained how you can get Facebook profile data using Scribe or Spring Social for the OAuth 2 handling. In this article you can read how to get the profile using Apache Oltu (formerly known as Apache Amber). Update: browsing...

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