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Running Hippo CMS in Leopard

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After buying my new iMac I was curious how easy it was to get Hippo CMS running in Leopard (MacOS X 10.5). Well, it was very easy. I downloaded the latest stable releases of Hippo CMS and Hippo Repository, typed from the terminal sh bin/fortress.sh console and I was able to use Hippo CMS in Firefox.

Screenshot of Hippo CMS in Leopard
Screenshot of Hippo CMS in Leopard

For the more hard core developers: follow "Building Hippo CMS from Source". The hardest part was setting my environment variables for Maven. Using Maven with MacOS X was very helpful. I spent most time in setting the environment variables while chatting (not a good combination) and downloading all the dependencies because I had an empty Maven repository. After that, Hippo CMS compiled in 15 seconds and ran without any problems. I like it when software runs out of the box.