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My sister Talma wrote this Sinterklaas poem for Mii™:

Cardboard Mii™
The "surprise": my avatar and a cardboard laptop with the poem

Hi, this is me

my name is Jashii

The founder of Mii™

Some time ago

I was boring me so

that I went to my familii

and you know what I sii?

They were playing on the TV

a game called Wii™

and what do I fuckin’ see

me family is playing with me!

A puppet with my name on it

really looked like shit.

So I went back to me

and then me had this idea.

No more fucking around with Jashii

I am a trademark, called Mii™

Mii™ will tell you who I am

from New York to Amsterdam.

I travel and tell people why

Mii™ is me, myself and I.

Don’t use me for a fuckin’ game

you will never be the same.

With my active firewall

TV & internet are under control.

If you dare to use my identitii

Mii™ will kill you immediatelii.

Mii™ is not a game you see

Mii™ is the lifestyle of Jashii

Mii™ is cool & Mii™ is hot

Mii™ is always in the spot

Mii™ is leading internet

Mii™ is also good in bed

Mii™ is spyware in the air

Mii™ is always everywhere

So now my life is really chill

eat your heart out, Steve ’n’ Bill.

Mii™ is no apple nor a pear

me is rich & famous, dear.

I’m a celeb now you see

everybody wants Mii™

Nintendo’s dead, Mii™ is alive

it’s Mii™ that terrorizes your life.

Mii™ is not a joke at all

Mii™ is always in control

Mii™ is forever untouchable

and very much undutchable.