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Configuring SSH on Vodafone UMTS

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For emergency we need to make an SSH connection to one of our servers, even in the middle of the night. Yesterday we switched to Vodafone Netherlands so I had to reconfigure the Qtek 9100. I was used to get a few text messages for the wireless internet settings by other phone companies like KPN and T-Mobile. Vodafone makes you find your way through their website, choose your type of phone and … let you enter all settings by hand. The page doesn’t fit on my screen, needless to say I’d miss one step or two.

After a few tries and a call to the help desk to find out that the SIM card needed an upgrade the Qtek was finally ready to surf the Vodafone live! version of internet. However, getting an SSH connection was impossible. I called the help desk again but the friendly employee didn’t know what I meant with SSH (no, it’s not the same as SSL).

The solution was very simple: disable all proxies! I’m not sure if bypassing the proxy is only available for business customers using office.vodafone.nl as ASN. It worked for me. Couldn’t they just put that on the website? And better, can’t they just send you the correct settings. Vodafone, don’t make me think!