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The site of Jasha Joachimsthal, a web developer. Most articles are about technology I (used to) work with.

Articles written in July 2008

  1. Wow

    Published on

    I’ve got mail

  2. Importing lots of data into Hippo Repository

    Published on

    As I’m writing this blog, my laptop at Hippo is working hard. It’s importing meta data from a web service into our Slide/WebDAV based Hippo Repository. At this moment the web service contains over 270,000 entries. As a first real performance test,...

  3. Receive CMS news or apple pie recipes with e-Alerts

    Published on

    Last week we added a new application to the Hippo Community Apps: e-Alerts. The e-Alerts service sends mails to your website visitors when content has been updated or added. These mails are generated based on interests of the visitors.

  4. That's a lot of open source software

    Published on

    For my job as developer I recently used Eclipse, Subclipse, Notepad++, Maven, Maven plugins, Apache Cocoon (and 1 million other Apache projects), ROME (Atom/RSS), Xinha, Prototype and script.aculo.us just to create, compile and manage code. Image ...