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Removable magnetic media

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After 3 years my new apartment is full with stuff, so I can either move to a bigger place or clean up a bit. The first option is a bit expensive, that’s why I chose the latter. Throwing away is not always that easy. There is no undelete of the garbage bag after it has been taken away. Luckily I have space left in my storage box next to my apartment.

There’s one red line I discovered while removing stuff: it’s mostly removable magnetic media. The cassette tapes didn’t even make it to this apartment. I couldn’t remember when I last listened to the tapes. All those tapes and more now fit into my tiny iPod shuffle.

Since I replaced the old PC for an iMac, I can’t use 3.5″ disks. All file transfers of that size can be done by email. Apple isn’t the only manufacturer that stopped shipping disk drives with their computers. Anyone interested in Macintosh IIci or Hypercard install disks? 🙂

Useless 3.5″ disks
Useless 3.5″ disks

Last but not least: video cassettes. Two years ago I bought a HD Recorder with DVD burner. Since then I only use my VCR to transfer the TV-out signal from my computer to the TV. For some reason the HD Recorder doesn’t handle the signal as good as the VCR and the 10 meter cable is just too short to reach the TV directly. Time to move those big video cassettes to the storage box.