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My Friday at ApacheCon Europe 2009

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Last Friday I went to the third conference day of ApacheCon Europe 2009.

Becoming a Tomcat superuser

In this “Geeks for geeks” session Mark Thomas explained about the Subversion structure of the Apache Tomcat project and how to build the several versions. He demonstrated how you could debug Tomcat in Eclipse and create or apply a patch. His explanations were very clear so if I’m ever going to patch my own Tomcat, I know how to do it now.

Scripting your Java application with BSF

The rest of the day I went to the “Java development” sessions. With all Rhino code in Hippo CMS 6 in mind I chose to go to this session. Using a scripting language may seem an easy way to develop you application but in the end it’s hard to debug and maintain. Felix Meschberger demonstrated using several scripting languages (Rhino, Groovy) in a Java application. It looked easy to use.

Apache Pioneer’s Panel

0 years of The Apache Software Foundation. The history of the ASF with stories of the past 10 years. Very funny if you were actually at the events they were talking about.

What’s new with Apache POI

I used POI once for my ApacheCon Europe 2007 talk with Jeroen Reijn about Cocoon to generate a MS Excel file. I didn’t know Apache POI supported that many MS Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio and Publisher). Nick Burch ran through the several formats and pointed out the most frequently madeorgrrors while using POI.

Apache DS 2.0 : What’s new?

Apache DS is one of the projects I’ve never used. I went to this session with my colleague Dennis who has much more to do with LDAP, authentication and user management. For his work (portals) it was way more interesting than for me (public websites) but it was very interesting to hear the possibilities of Apache DS. I should install Apache Directory Studio for browsing our internal LDAP development environment.

Shindig for Blogs and Wikis

This was a perfect talk for the end of the day. Cool product and a hot subject so people are paying attention and they’re not leaving although it’s getting late.

Closing event & raffle

First a “thank you all and see you at the next event”. At the raffle I got the lucky lot. By pure randomness and luck I won a 15” digital picture frame that also plays video! 😀 So don’t leave early, there’s something to win after the talks.