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Switching to fibreglass

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This weekend I switched to XMS fibreglass for Internet, radio/TV and phone. They only charge 50 Euro per month for a 50 Mbps (up and down) internet connection, 40+ TV & 30 radio channels and a phone line.

The fibreglass modem and my Fon WiFi router are hidden in a cupboard in my hall which means there are less visible cables in my living room than before 🙂 I was afraid I had to drill a hole through the thick concrete wall but I discovered a tiny hole just big enough for cables next to the door post. I only hope the Fonera WiFi will be stable, because I don’t want a 10 metre UTP cable across the living room.

I just re-programmed the TV and am about to re-programme the HD Recorder. Fibreglass provider XMS offers nearly the same channels as the cable provider Ziggo plus some extra I can’t understand (7 Turkish channels?!). Then the last step is to transfer my phone number from KPN to the new fibreglass subscription.