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I don’t want to register before downloading

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Okay I just wanted to try the “community edition” of some software. So I clicked on the big download button and then… I had to login. Because I don’t have an account yet I had to register first. So I filled in all required field like my email address and a free to choose password without any help message about it’s strength and then I got this error message:

Password not strong enough. Please use at least 3 of the following prerequisites:lowercase (a-z), uppercase (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and special characters (!^%#$@*.,)

Come on, I just want to try some software. Just let me download it without creating an account I will probably never use again. When I want to post on your support forum that’s the right moment to create an account. I wonder if these companies have ever looked into their website statistics to see at which point people quit.