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  • Retrieve Facebook profile data in Java: Spring Social

    Published on

    In the previous blogpost I explained how you can get Facebook profile data using Scribe. This blogpost will do the same for Spring Social.SetupThe Maven dependency for Spring Social Facebook:<dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.social&...

  • Retrieve Facebook profile data in Java: Scribe

    Published on

    In a series of blogposts I'll describe how to retrieve a Facebook profile using several OAuth2 libraries for Java and Spring MVC. The first example is for Scribe.SetupThe Maven dependency for Scribe:<dependency> <groupId>org.scribe</gr...

  • WidgetGap: a Wookie & Cordova (PhoneGap) mashup widget

    Published on

    I knew PhoneGap as a tool to make native mobile apps from HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but had never used it myself. When I had to debug a PhoneGap application I read that the project you're uploading is basically a W3C widget. I should have known fr...

  • Fronteers 2012

    Published on

    Even though most of the web development I do now is in the backend, I started with HTML in 1995 before I learned programming Java. In 2010 I attended the Fronteers conference and came back excited about the new CSS and JavaScript tricks. This is w...

  • Apache Rave Hackathon

    Published on

    Last Wednesday was the first Apache Rave Hackathon in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We started with a little exercise because the fire alarm went off. There was a small accident in the railway station, so we had to leave the adjacent office building. ...

  • Automated testing with JBehave

    Published on

    What do developers like most? Build new software! What do developers hate most? Testing and writing documentation! Why would you write tests? It slows down your process of making new software. If you can write that new feature in an hour, why spen...