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The site of Jasha Joachimsthal, a web developer. Most articles are about technology I (used to) work with.

Articles written in March 2009

  1. My Friday at ApacheCon Europe 2009

    Published on

    Last Friday I went to the 3rd conference day of ApacheCon Europe 2009.

  2. Show broken images in Firefox

    Published on

    Firefox is so “kind” to hide broken images or just displays the alt text without indicating that there should be an image. For regular visitors of your website that’s good, because you don’t want to be confronted with the red cross from MSIE. If y...

  3. Eclipse IAM & Maven Release plugin (ApacheCon Maven Meetup)

    Published on

    Tools like Maven should make life easier for a developer, but it can be even easier. Maven is mainly a command line tool, but most developers use some kind of IDE like Eclipse to speed up development. With Eclipse IAM Maven gets integrated into Ec...

  4. Attending ApacheCon EU 2009

    Published on

    Welcome everyone in Amsterdam for the ApacheCon EU 2009. Apologies for the typical Dutch weather, it will be raining all week. I will attend the Maven Meetup this evening and the last conference day (Friday). I’ll try to blog about it and take som...

  5. Switching to fibreglass

    Published on

    This weekend I switched to XMS fibreglass for Internet, radio/TV and phone. They only charge 50 Euro per month for a 50 Mbps (up and down) internet connection, 40+ TV & 30 radio channels and a phone line.